The Anarchist Mountain Emergency Notification and Communication Team (ENCom) was created in 2014 “to help neighbours notify neighbours” in times of emergencies.
People living in rural areas need to be notified of Emergency Alerts, Evacuations and Rescinding of such orders. Also, they must be aware of possible dangers approaching.


In 2014 the ENCom team created an automated system to notify each area resident that is affected by an immediate danger. To augment this system Anarchist Mountain  was divided into 10 areas and a minimum of 2 Leads living in each area established a manual system, “Phone trees”, to notify their neighbours. The Leads maintain their Phone tree contact information and when an automated message is sent out to the affected area(s), the Leads then initiate the Phone tree to ensure all heard the message.

The ENCom team maintains updates in the automated system and updates Area phone trees as provided by the Area Leads.

The automated system will be used to notify residents of Emergency Alerts, Evacuations and Rescinding of such orders.



Under the guidance of the Fire Chief ENCom provide Communications in the following areas:

  1.  Assists in publishing possible dangers in the area such as approaching wildfires, highway accidents and emergency environmental issues, on social media sites.
  2. Manning the Fire Department’s phones during emergencies.


ENCom Team
Wendy Barlow
Richard Douziech
Sue McEvoy
Carolyne Strohmann


Anarchist Mountain
Fire Department
115 Grizzly Road
Osoyoos BC V0H 1V6

Fire Chief
Urs Grob