Sun May 20th, 2018


All may be aware the RDOS has come out with a mass notification system to issue emergency alerts for residents who sign up for it. The system enables the RDOS to send out “urgent emergency notifications and public safety communications” to subscribed residents. Alerts can be sent by email, text message and text-to-voice alerts to landlines, and will be sent to residents in specific Electoral areas. Anarchist Mtn is in Electoral A and the system is available to us.


Sidley Mtn is in Kootenay-Boundary.
Electoral A boundaries are US border to the south, Oliver to the north, East of Osoyoos to the East and 9 Mile Place to the west.



The Emergency Notification System (ENCom), established for Anarchist Mountain and Sidley Mountain, will still be in effect as it provides very specific information for our mountains, i.e. the subdivisions that are in immediate danger and those that are on standby. Also, with the area Phone Trees, we have “neighbours helping neighbours”.


For subdivisions that do not receive an ENCom notification on an emergency in our area means they are not in immediate danger and information will be posted on the AMFD website and social media channels.


We urge you to do your own reading on the RDOS Mass Emergency


ENCom Team
Wendy Barlow
Sue McEvoy
Carolyne Strohmann
Richard Douziech

Anarchist Mountain
Fire Department
115 Grizzly Road
Osoyoos BC V0H 1V6

Fire Chief
Urs Grob