Fire South Caribou Point Across U.S. Border

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For those residents of Anarchist Mountain living near Caribou, you may have noticed smoke and fire to the south. There is nothing to be concerned about.


AMFD was paged by dispatch at 2:00am on Wednesday, September 13th with a request for the duty officer to call dispatch. Kelowna Dispatch informed AMFD of a structure and wildland fire south of the Caribou subdivision.  Fire Chief Urs Grob had already been alerted by a vigilant neighbour (Ulga) who had seen it from her house in Sidley and been driving around to find it.  She showed up at his house just before 2:00am. Duty Officer and Chief Urs Grob responded to the Canadian side to monitored from Caribou Point and be ready to call out the rest of the department in case the fire crossed the border.  They were joined by Lt. Darryl Baldock, FF Reg Forster at 4:00am.   By 5:00am with the fire looking under control, Lt. Baldock remained on scene to monitor with the others returning home to get some rest.  At 8:00am the Chief and Duty Officer returned to verify that the fire was contained and being monitored by American firefighters.  As of 9:45am American water bombers have been spotted hitting the fire.


The fire originated as a structure fire in Washington which spread to the surrounding grass pasture. A number of American firefighters and apparatus arrived at approximately 3:00am to begin fighting the fire.  At 4:00am they brought in 2 bulldozers to build a fire line around the scene and down the ravine to the south where the fire had progressed.  By 6:00am they had the fire largely contained with a guard.  There is little if any water in that area so this morning water bombers are being used to suppress the fire and prevent a flair up.


This small fire is a reminder that despite the cool, cloudy weather, there is still a very high risk of wildfire. Your fire department urges continued extreme caution.

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