KAMLOOPS – The BC Wildfire Service is urging the public to be more careful with fire use in an effort to reduce the risk of human-caused wildfires. Over the weekend, fire wardens discovered and extinguished 21 abandoned campfires.



Abandoned campfires may lead to wildfires and are completely preventable. Human-caused wildfires divert resources away from naturally-occurring incidents. Since Friday, the Kamloops Fire Centre has responded to 20 new fire starts, 14 of which were caused by lightning. It is paramount that the public be vigilant with fire use and other activities in the backcountry during this time of increased fire activity.



Careless campfire use can have costly repercussions. Anyone who leaves a campfire unattended for any length of time can be fined $1150.  If that fire turns into a wildfire, that person may be fined up to $1 million, face three years in prison and be required to pay for all related fire suppression costs.



To date, the BC Wildfire Service has responded to 130 wildfires, which have burned 252 hectares. Fifty-seven of those fires have been lightning-caused and 71 are suspected to be human-caused. Currently, the fire danger rating through the region is moderate with pockets of high in the Clearwater, Salmon Arm, and Penticton Fire Zones.



To report a wildfire or unattended campfire, call *5555 on your cellular phone or call 1 800 663-5555 toll-free. For the latest information on current wildfire activity, burning restrictions, road closures and air quality advisories, visit www.bcwildfire.ca




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VICTORIA – Increased fines for a variety of wildfire-related violation tickets came into force today. Anyone caught contravening specified open burning and campfire regulations could now face fines more than three times higher than last year’s penalties.


The B.C. government has been taking a tougher stand on irresponsible behavior that contributes to increased wildfire risks, in an effort to protect communities, natural resources and infrastructure from wildfire damage.


The regulatory changes announced on March 10, 2016, significantly increase ticket fines for 19 different violations under the Wildfire Act and another seven violations under the Wildfire Regulation.






PENTICTON – Okanagan Similkameen Regional District board members don’t want to see a one-size-fits-all policy used to enforce emergency evacuation orders.


The directors are putting together a list of recommendations and concerns regarding the provincial government’s plan to modernize the 23-year-old Emergency Program Act.


Local and provincial agencies are permitted to declare a state of emergency and issue an evacuation order, but current legislation relies on residents to voluntarily evacuate. The province argues those choosing to remain behind can cause unnecessary risk to themselves and emergency response personnel already burdened in a time of crisis.


The province wants police to have the ability to use reasonable force to enforce an evacuation order. The proposed changes would give police the authority to apprehend those unwilling to comply, in addition to having the person pay for costs associated with police enforcement of the evacuation order.



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Before burning please consult the burning index for your area.


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Phone Number toll free: 1-888-281-2992 press 3


Information about burning.






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