Anarchist Mountain Fire Dept.

The AMFD is still recruiting for new members with a start date in January 2022.

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The deadline for submitting your interest has been extended until November 26. Thanks to those that have already applied. Interviews will take place in December.

This is an excellent opportunity to get to know and support your Anarchist Mountain community.

If you are interested, send an email to telling us a bit about yourself, why you are interested in joining, along with information on your skills and experiences.

If you want to learn more, contact Fire Chief, Urs Grob 250-689-0140 or Deputy Fire Chief, Alex Giovannelli 250-809-2319.

Please give us five minutes of your time to give us your feedback.

The Regional District of Osoyoos Similkameen (RDOS) is changing from their CivicReady notification system to that of Voyent Alert! at the end of the year.

With the recent Nk’Mip Fire, it became clear there was a need for better coordination between systems. The Anarchist Mountain Fire Department (AMFD) will be meeting with RDOS in November to understand and facilitate that coordination moving forward.

Our local phone tree system has been in place for a number of years, and we wish to ensure that we can still fill a viable role.

  • survey

Your input is very important to help us represent the true needs of our community, and we are soliciting your personal experience to help us clarify any issues to be resolved going forward.

The following survey information will be used exclusively by the AMFD for discussions with RDOS and will be kept confidential through the survey method (Survey Monkey) used. The basic questionnaire will take about 5 minutes, with more time needed if you want to elaborate on points.

Some questions of the survey are quite defined so that we can get a statistical understanding of your opinions. Other questions are open to inviting your perspectives on what has happened. The results will be posted on the Anarchist Mountain Fire Department website to ensure transparency in this process.

If we have not covered issues that might be important to you, please contact your ENCom Area Lead to help us understand what might be important to you. If you do not know your lead, please contact Wendy Barlow, ENCom Coordinator at (250) 485-2699 for information.

Thank you for your participation in our survey.


Our neighbourhood is important to us, and we wish to support you in the best way possible.


Just a reminder for everyone as to how the new burning authorization process works.

The burn season is now from October 15th to April 15th so rather than having to apply in the fall and again first thing in the new year, you apply once per burn season. There is also no fee associated with this process anymore. You simply click on the link provided below, read and acknowledge the appropriate documents and submit your application.

The Fire Chief will be emailed automatically and will review your application and approve it unless he/she feels that an inspection of the property is needed in which case they will notify you.

Once your application has been approved, you simply phone the venting index number provided to confirm that the venting is appropriate to burn that day and if it is, you can proceed, following the safety steps outlined in the application.

Also, if you have neighbours who are not on the internet and you don’t mind reaching out to them, please let them know about this process.

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Open burning season closes at midnight on Thursday, April 15, 2021 in the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen (RDOS). The closure is outlined in Bylaw No. 2898, 2020, a bylaw to regulate open burning within five RDOS Fire Protection Areas of Anarchist, Kaleden, Naramata, Okanagan Falls, and Willowbrook.
If your property is located outside the areas listed above, please check with your local authority.
















Campfires are permitted after April 15, 2021 as per provincial guidelines. A campfire is an open fire that burns wood in one pile not exceeding 0.5 m in height and 0.5 m in width, and specifically for heating or warmth, cooking or Indigenous ceremonial purpose. Campfires may be restricted at any time by the Fire Chief and fire districts will abide by provincial orders.


For more information   RDOS original post


Campfire regulation




Welcome Anarchist Mountain Residents and Visitors. 



For your convenience, we have prepared a local community information contact flyer you may download for your reference.  It contains contact information for the following local agencies and associations:



Anarchist Mountain Fire Department (AMFD)

Emergency Notification and Communication Team (ENCom)

Anarchist Mountain Community Society

Anarchist Mountain Fire Smart Committee



Welcome Brochure 2020






Fire Departement         


Community Society       

Fire Smart Committee






Fire Departement                                

Community Society

Bear Aware 





AMFD firefighters were out at the station tonight practicing in small groups social distancing and staying trained for the upcoming wildfire season.

Anarchist Mountain
Fire Department
115 Grizzly Road
Osoyoos BC V0H 1V6

Fire Chief
Urs Grob

778-739 0404