Urs Grob

Information for immediate release

Friday, April 14th 2023

The Anarchist Mountain Fire Department decided to extend the burning season until April 30th 2023
There is still a lot of snow at the higher elevation of the mountain.

Burn Authorization applications are required
There is no fee and no permits will be issued.

We also ask the residents not to burn big piles of wood.

Material in one pile not exceeding 2 metres in height and 3 metres in width
Material concurrently in 2 piles each not exceeding 2 metres in height and 3 metres in width
Stubble or grass over an area that does not exceed 0.2 hectares.

Before you burn

Before lighting a fire ensure you are properly prepared, aware of the conditions and following open burning regulations:

Establish a fuel break around your burn or fire guard around your campfire.

Ensure someone is always monitoring the fire so it doesn’t spread beyond its intended size. At least one person equipped with a fire-fighting hand tool must monitor the fire at all times.
Do not burn when venting conditions are “Poor” or “Fair

The Emergency Notification Team will be initiating the yearly test of the Emergency Notification System at 9:30 AM on 15 April 2023 to all Anarchist Mtn and Sidley Mtn residents’ phone numbers that have been submitted.

The automated system also provides the results of the test by identifying if the call was picked up, a message was left, or no answer. As such, we will have the results of the test very quickly and the ENPrep team will notify the Area leads.

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